How e-Bate revenue management software works 

e-Bate is the world’s first SaaS based Rebate and Revenue Management software, designed to handle your end-to-end rebate and revenue management processes, no matter how simple or complex. 
Without integrating revenue manager software, many rebate deals and agreements are stored and maintained in numerous ways. When it comes to payments and accruals and reporting on how well the deals are performing, a contract stored in a Buyer’s drawer simply isn’t going to give you what you need… So the first thing e-Bate does is allow you to create electronic rebate agreements which it can store and reference in order to calculate the rebates themselves. 

e-Bate’s calculation engine drives a rebate by referencing industry specific: 

Deal information 
Price management 
Customer information 
Sales invoices 
The above attributes are created, approved, maintained and stored centrally within e-Bate. The SAAS based system then delivers rebates owing, rebates due and calculates totals for accruals and payments and allows the following benefits: 
Create and store complex rebate agreements 
Feeds in transactional data to calculate rebates due or owing 
Accrue the financial liability 
Pay or recover the rebate value 
View rebate position from the centralised dashboard 
Aides negotiation of purchases and drives rebate thresholds 
Track and analyse effectiveness of rebates in real time 

Integration with your IT system 

e-Bate integrates with your existing IT solutions via APIs to get master data including customers, products, locations and transactions. e-Bate then calculates what rebates are due/owing and how much they are for the purpose of accruals and payments. From establishing agreements through to the calculation of accruals, payments and reporting, e-Bate provides a central, automated place for deal information, contracts and agreements. 
Users then have a single view of the business’ end-to-end rebate process which enables them to effectively utilise the data to drive performance, negotiations and auditing. With access to full reports, users can make proactive decisions based on real-time information, improving future performance. 
The e-Bate team have many years’ experience in consultancy services and software integration. Our approach is methodical and thorough, developing a good working relationship with your e-Bate Users to ensure any training needs are met and that the solution is used effectively to allow your business to see financial benefits within 6 months. 
By removing the risk of miscalculation and mistakes caused by human error and Excel spreadsheets, e-Bate provides full auditability, transparency and control, all in a single solution. 

Modular functionality 

With modular functionality, e-Bate can be built up and integrated by module, depending on your requirements. 
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