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Make live data insights your secret weapon and start taking advantage of hidden revenue opportunities with intelligent rebate management software.

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Unleash the power of your rebate deals

You’ve done the deal, you’ve built the relationship, now you can ensure your hard work pays off with automated rebate management software that ignites and supports growth in any industry.

Supply chain

Serving the entire supply chain



Agreements that deliver revenue opportunities for both parties.



Optimise revenue from raw materials to goods for resale.



Track and manage complex deals across the supply chain.



Visibility of rebate and promotional income on all agreements.

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It’s hard to get value from a spreadsheet

Easily transform numbers into data insight and turn errors into financial opportunity.


Increase profitability and max out your margins by removing manual processes and reducing costs, with ultra efficient rebate automation.


Protect and enhance revenue using live data insights, driving business growth and performance.


Never miss a claim or make an overpayment again and free up time for your team for more value added tasks.

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Create futureproof resilience with a powerful rebate platform that delivers a return on your investment in year one.

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