The Customer 
Norbrook is a leading veterinary pharmaceutical company based in Northern Ireland. Established in 1969, Norbrook is a family business distributing products to over 100 countries across the globe and are known for pioneering product innovation, research and development. 
The Problem 
When Norbrook approached us their existing solution was aging. With a large number of customers and deals, the solution they had in place could not support this, nor could it handle UK and Northern Ireland monthly rebates. Instead, spreadsheets were being used to maintain and track rebates, meaning users had to maintain thousands of prices. Their existing system relied heavily on manual processing; price changes had to be maintained by hand throughout the entire system, which was extremely time consuming. It also could not re-calculate rebates when things changed so again, this process was manual and open to human error. Business processes were being forced to match the inefficient way the system worked, instead of the system supporting the desired business process. Besides this, there was no auditing of changes, no workflows or approvals, and a lack of reporting capabilities, meaning data had to be imported into a user maintained access database. Lastly, there was no integeration with other systems, meaning hunderds of payments were being processed through the bank manually, every month.  

The Solution 

e-Bate was introduced to replace the existing solution and implemented globally for Norbrook in a phased roll out. This started with the UK and Northern Ireland monthly rebates, before cascading to the rest of the global business in three subsequent phases to introduce annual rebates for Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand.  
In terms on timing, it took four months from our initial planning meeting for Phase 1 delivery, followed by two months of dual running. 

Customer Quotes 

"Intuitive application which allows us to mange our complex rebates with ease and simplicity." 
"It's so much quicker." 
"It's really simple and easy to use." 

The Results 

Since implementing e-Bate, Norbrook have experienced significant reductions in the maintenance of the customer deals thanks to the intelligent way e-Bate can group customers and deals. Backdated changes to deals allows the customer to process corrections in the system, instead of through offline manual processes, meaning data is always accurate in system 
Integration with finance system allows payments to be automated 
Report server allows real time reporting and interrogation of data allowing for better insight 
A systemised process that can provide the information that internal and external auditors demand 
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