A complete supplier rebate management solution with e-bate

Supply Chain Rebates

Get complete control of expenses and costs of goods when dealing with suppliers and vendors with an intelligent supplier rebate platform. Reliable and accurate data available all in one digital platform.

Manage Complex Rebates

Supplier and vendor rebates streamlined for you

No more cross-platform working with hours saved in working time. e-bate correlates your data, triggering invoices and reports on the rebates you’ve hit, all in one place.

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Analytics run in real-time

Enable accurate, and strategic communication between suppliers and customers. e-bate provides you with powerful tools that analyse your rebate agreements and invoice trigger thresholds in real time.

Reduce complexity with greater data-transparency

Get the data insights your team needs to communicate effectively with suppliers and vendors alike. e-bate streams accurate data to enable the effective management of complex rebate deals.

Target forecasting for suppliers and vendors

Analyse your supplier performance and get accurate target forecasting to improve the strength of incentives.
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Maximise rebate benefits for your vendors

Whatever the type of rebate, e-bate allows suppliers and customers to keep track of deals and capitalise on opportunities to maximise profitability. 

Resources for a reliable audit trail

Remain compliant with financial data collection standards. e-bate stores and records information securely within the platform.

Contract and trade agreement management

Never lose track of your agreements with contract and trade agreement management built-in for online signatures and easy reference to enhance supplier relationships.

Easy reporting

Correlate multiple data streams to quickly and easily configure supplier-facing reports and download them.
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Supplier deals tracked at every step

Analyse and evaluate the performance of your supplier rebates. e-bate stores all supplier deals and contractual agreements in one place for easy access.

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Supplier rebates evolved

The e-bate supplier rebate platform allows you to view the entire supplier rebate journey from contract and trade agreement management to reporting with accurate data insights allowing you to strategise, and roadmap the rebate process. Download reports quickly with accurate data to maintain optimal visibility leading to maximum profitability. 

Customer success

A customer journey that supports your individuality

Onboarding kick off

Onboarding kick off

Meet with our Customer Success Managers and Analysts

Data consultation

Data consultation

We help you unravel your data, ready for our calculation engine.

System configuration

System configuration

Set up and configuration based on your operational processes.

Data import

Data import

Your data is fed into the system and calculations start crunching!

Report outputs

Report outputs

Our reporting tool reveals insights based on your data.

System training

System training

Our Customer Success team trains users on the system.

Lifecycle and customer success


Our CS team partner with you to deliver your objectives.



Custom insight reports or changes to your system configuration.

Ongoing lifetime support

Ongoing lifetime support

With e-bate up and running, our team are always there for support.

Performance Tracker

Growing with your suppliers and vendors

Help your suppliers and vendors unlock their profit potential. e-bate analyses and monitors rebate performance and trigger invoices automatically so you won’t miss out.

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"We chose e-bate as the most flexible solution on the market which matched our business needs and objectives perfectly. We can now be totally flexible and respond to the market."

Steven Blears

Senior Systems Manager

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Remove the manual burden and free up time for your team for more value added tasks


Protect and enhance revenue using live data insights, driving business growth and performance


Increase profitability and max out your margins by removing manual processes and reducing costs
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Create futureproof resilience with a powerful rebate platform that delivers a return on your investment in year one.

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