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From high complexity to multi-layered deals, our specialist solution is built purely for rebate management.

Unmistakable expertise

A feature-rich platform

Our unmatched specialism in the world of rebate management means that we have a deep understanding of our client’s journey to digitisation.

Our Clients

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Flexible report generator

Access standard reports or work with our analysts to build customised insight reports.

Customer and supplier portals

End to end collaboration with standardised trading agreements and data validation that supports claims and payments.

Data lakes

Access to our data lake to create your own in-house reports.

Customisable dashboards

Fully branded, user specific dashboards with real-time visibility of the information you need.
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Experience the power of real-time analytics

Take control of your data and use powerful tools to forecast and make better decisions.

Transact in real time

Automatically validate, import and calculate transactional data for real time visibility and integrity.

Automate payments, claims and accruals

e-bate's calculation engine takes care of payments, claims and accruals, feeding directly to your finance systems.

Accurate forecasting

Make better decisions alongside accurate forecasting using pin- sharp data accuracy.

Full audit capabilities

Remove the stresses of financial auditing and governance with full, reportable audits.
Industry Leading

Industry leading rebate management platform

Digitally transform your processes and eliminate spreadsheet mistakes that are costing you time and losing revenue.

Online negotiation

Provide visibility and tracking of negotiations, with full audit of all communications.

Digital signatures

Agreements are produced, signed and stored in one place, all configured in line with your legal and commercial frameworks.

Centralised storage

Centralised single source of truth, providing visibility of all documentation.

Manage complex rebate agreements

Build dynamic rebate conditions within specified parameters and hierarchies.
Contract Management

Robust contract management you can depend on

Automated B2B contract management to enhance compliance, optimise efficiency and increase your bottom line.

Implementation and support

Its never been easier to manage rebates

User Interface

User Interface

Intuitive UI with in-built help and support.

Cloud based

Cloud based

Trusted and secure access from anywhere.

Onboarding kick off


We work in partnership with you to deliver your objectives.

System training


A dedicated customer success team with unrivalled expertise.


"The e-bate team has been attentive and professional from day one. They immersed themselves in the business to understand our needs and the finished solution gave us exactly what we wanted"

Sally Snelson

Pricing Specialist

Make better business decisions

It's time to evolve


Remove the manual burden and free up time for your team for more value added tasks


Protect and enhance revenue using live data insights, driving business growth and performance


Increase profitability and max out your margins by removing manual processes and reducing costs
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Create futureproof resilience with a powerful rebate platform that delivers a return on your investment in year one.

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