Oct 06, 2023

4 Strategies for Optimising Your Rebate Management Solution


Rebates are used to drive sales, essentially providing customers with incentives that encourage them to purchase more. In the B2B world, they present a fantastic opportunity to drive loyalty, brand affinity and help to build long standing relationships between buyers and suppliers.

However, managing buyer and supplier rebates is a complex process, especially when dealing with large volumes of agreements with complex rebate rules. An effective rebate management solution must manage multiple pricing schemes, provide full transparency into calculations, deliver fully-traceable audit trails and foster a well-managed authorisation process.

A good solution will also provide organisations with the ability to forecast outcomes and model future rebate agreements.

Surprisingly, many organisations still rely on spreadsheets for rebate management. This is an outdated practice – and one that was never really sufficient in the first place. Price changes, agreement changes, reams and reams of data – it’s all too much to maintain by hand on a spreadsheet, leading to inefficient processes and opening organisations up to the risk of costly errors.

So, what can organisations do to optimise their rebate management solution?


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