Right, here's the deal: 
I used magic panel for the scroller as it was the only way to achieve a scroller that's always the height of the screen and doesn't break. I've checked it and the only issue I can find is it doesn't vertically centre the text in IE, which I don't think is a deal breaker. The text on the magic panels will be a bit bigger on L and XL, so hopefully you won't have to use breakpoints. 
The other pages have a bog standard background banner thingy - I didn't think they'd want the scroller on every page but let me know if I'm wrong! 
I put little arrows on the equal height columns because it looks fancy. I can take them off if you're not a fan though. 
You've got options for the paid extras - zoom in content and slide in content. You can put anything you want in here. 
I've also made an option for "shadow content" - this gets a shadow on hover like on their example site. Again, you can put anything you want in here. 
The standard icons will wiggle on hover like their example site does. 
They've paid for "Custom javacript/css animation (fade/spin of 21 elements) (ref 17934) - I haven't done this but Liam will. 
I put in all the other stuff you asked for. 
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