Apr 13, 2023

Why rebate reporting is essential for commercial teams

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The key responsibilities of a commercial team don’t begin and end with sales. Although the primary goal is to generate revenue for the business through identifying prospects, building relationships and negotiating deals, your commercial team also has other things on its plate…

Commercial teams are also responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies that promote the company’s products or services. This includes developing advertising campaigns, creating marketing materials, and managing the company’s online presence.

Your commercial team must set pricing for the company’s products or services and negotiate contracts with customers too. This involves understanding market trends and competitor pricing, as well as identifying opportunities for discounts, promotions, rebates, or other incentives to drive sales. It is also down to the commercial team to make sure customers are happy! They should provide good customer service, address complaints and make sure orders are fulfilled on time. Lastly, commercial teams are responsible for forecasting sales and revenue, tracking performance metrics, and reporting on results to senior management. This includes analysing data related to sales, marketing, and customer behaviour to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. Reporting and analysing rebate performance is an essential part of this, so, let’s delve a little deeper to find out more:


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