Feb 03, 2022

A Guide to Forecasting Rebates

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Forecasting rebates is essential for resource allocation and reducing unnecessary spending. However, forecasting rebates in-house has its limitations. Static spreadsheet documents and manual processes are a timely burden to any business. Let’s quickly discuss rebate management before we reveal some great tips on how to forecast rebates.

Rebate management is the organisation of processes involving partial refunds, or rebates. On the surface, it doesn’t seem that complex, however, once end-of-life, tier volumes, cross-department communications, and many other factors are involved, it is impossible to accurately forecast rebates without the need for specialist assistance.

Introducing rebate management software will help your organisation control and organise your rebates, but it will also drastically improve the accuracy of forecasts.

Here are the benefits of using specialised rebate management solutions for forecasting rebates:


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