Apr 22, 2021

8 Extended Benefits Of Automating The Rebate Process

8 Extended Benefits Of Automating The Rebate Process

You can’t afford to ignore the issues surrounding your current rebate process.

Let’s say, you know the rebate data you’re looking at probably isn’t up to date. And, you also know you shouldn’t really rely on that 3rd party data to make this business decision, or you know none of it is good enough. But, you’re under pressure to make a decision and provide ROI, so you do your best with what you have. Sound familiar?

You don’t need us to tell you that processing rebates that are inaccurate can lead to devastatingly costly mistakes. However, we can’t resist at least one statistic to drive it home- just a 1% inaccuracy rate on £50M of rebates could lead to losses of up to £500,000.

Could your business afford a mistake that size?

Therefore, when you consider just how complex your rebates can get when you introduce factors such as product mixes, tier volumes, time-based tiers across multiple chains, discontinued and new products, it’s not difficult to understand why dedicated rebate management software is an essential tool for a modern business.

We’ve summarised the top 8 benefits you and your business would feel after switching to an ROI driven automated rebate management system – there are some real game-changers in here!


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