Jun 08, 2020

How to Create a Successful Rebate Pricing Strategy Solution

rebate strategy

Effective pricing is a continuous balancing act. Prices need to be low enough to attract and retain buyers, yet high enough to cover costs and turn a profit. Fail to strike this balance and you either lose customers to rivals who offer better rates, or you end up reducing your margins to the point where any sales you make are no longer profitable. Pricing strategies should aim to maximise revenue and profit, attract new buyers and improve customer loyalty.

Offering rebates is one of the most effective ways to do this. A successful rebate pricing strategy will not only increase sales but protect your margins and cement profitable relationships with buyers for the long term as well.   

Nonetheless, offering a rebate still amounts to a price concession – and the more you give away, the less money your organisation makes.

This means that robust rebate management tools and processes are required to ensure your rebate pricing strategy achieves its intended outcomes without eroding your margins to unsustainable levels.


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