May 26, 2020

The Dangers of a Poor Rebate Accrual Process

rebate management

Rebate accountants have always had a tough job correctly accounting for rebate accruals. In industries such as construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals and FMCG where rebates are an important part of trading, the sheer volume of deals to handle and the level of complexity involved with each of them, can easily result in incorrect calculations of amounts due.

This is especially true when relying on outdated systems like spreadsheets and basic accounting software which are cumbersome, slow and inherently open to human error. The dangers of a poor rebate accrual process are many and concern accuracy, auditory compliance and predictability, which ultimately impacts decision-making.

Let’s consider these dangers in more detail and how implementing rebate management software can bring order to your rebates and more certainty to your profitability.


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