Oct 21, 2020

What to Ask to Ensure You Buy the Best Rebate Management Software

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Rebate accounting is notoriously time-consuming and complex. Only the best rebate management software can automate key tasks, track deals and automatically calculate rebates in real time.

Choosing the best software will enable you to maximise the effectiveness of your programmes and drive business growth.

B2B organisations across most industries – from construction to pharmaceutical, FMCG to automotive – utilise rebates to incentivise channel sales and cement relationships with partners.

After all, effective rebate programmes are a fantastic way to compete on price and achieve sales targets – whilst still offering a number of additional advantages over price reductions and upfront discounts.

Rebates should be used to incentivise positive buyer behaviours, such as increasing order volumes, switching to higher margin products, and purchasing a wider range of products.

Many B2B Organisations have now implemented rebates for such purposes, but if you’re not using the best rebate management software, it can be almost impossible to know if your rebate programme is motivating buyers in the right way. In fact, a poorly managed rebate programme can do more harm than good.

Recent research from Gallup has revealed that many companies have an inaccurate perception of their customer relationships. In fact, 69% of B2B customers are ready to switch to a competitor and less than half (47%) believe that suppliers deliver on their promises.

(Image source: gallup.com)

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