Sep 04, 2020

Why Rebate Visibility is important to your Auditing

Why Rebate Visibility is important to your Auditing

In a complex supply chain, real time rebate visibility is vital to success. 

As part of the commercial team, you may be in charge of creating and managing attractive incentives through customer rebates – meanwhile the procurement team will be striking deals with vendors and accessing supplier rebate programmes.

When it comes to your pricing strategy, you need real-time visibility into the rebate agreements your purchasing and procurement teams have negotiated so you know exactly what margins you have to play with when it comes to creating financial incentives for customers. 

This is the very nature of the supply chain. 

Your organisation buys products, receives rebates on those products, then sells those products on to customers – who also receive a rebate as part of the deal. 

Put it all together, and unless you’ve got a true handle on all rebate information with all trading partners both up and down the supply chain, analysing what margins you’re making on each sale is an almost impossible task.

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