Feb 07, 2024

The Costly Consequences of Ignoring B2B Rebate Management


‘Ignorance is bliss’, so the saying goes. But, when it comes to rebates, ignoring even the smallest of inaccuracies or issues could be a very costly mistake. For example, if your rebate spreadsheet has just 1% of inaccuracies, this can mean a loss of hundreds of thousands in revenue.  

Rebates have long been a successful way to provide incentives for both buyers and suppliers across many industries, globally. However, despite their significance, the management of rebate programs is frequently overlooked or mishandled by many businesses. Common negligence such as signed agreements going missing, miscalculations, late or even missed payments can also lead to strained relationships with suppliers and customers alike. 

As a totally avoidable issue that promises to bite back, inappropriate management and inadequate rebate management processes need to stop now to avoid catastrophic results. In this blog, we discuss the repercussions of ignoring B2B rebate rebate management.


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