A rebate is a post invoicing transaction, where based on certain conditions being met (which are negotiated and set out in a rebate deal or agreement) a % of the purchase price will be returned (rebated). 
Rebates differ from discounts which are negotiation prior to anything being purchased. Many more businesses and organisations are experiencing the benefits of using specific rebate management software which include: 
Highly Configurable - reduced cost 
Excellent UI/UX - easy to use 
Real time processing - access to data instantly 
Configurable Workflow & Approval chains - improved process 
Flexible reporting by role through dashboards and reports - fast to act and make decisions 
Predictive analytics - improved negotiation 
Many businesses manage rebates today using manual or Excel based solutions, and it is estimated that more than 5% of rebates calculated with spreadsheets have errors. This puts the company at risk and can lead to disputes and the loss of revenue. The delay in consolidating data into a spreadsheet and producing meaningful reports, can also mean companies are spending more than necessary. Inefficient rebate processes mean that companies across multiple sectors don’t have visibility and there could be millions of pounds in revenue left on the table. 
World-class rebate software 
At e-Bate, we can provide you with an affordable SaaS rebate management platform of the highest calibre. Our solution is designed to cater for decision-makers who need to implement and gain control of Rebate and Price Management Quickly. The e-Bate solution can be implemented within just 16 weeks, and once everything is set up, you can reduce complexity, automate decisions, gain more control over pricing, boost revenues and increase profit margins. 
Gain extra control 
The e-Bate solution that we offer to you, digitises the process and brings your rebate and revenue/price management processes into a single easy to use platform, that everyone involved has access to. This results in higher visibility of rebates and pricing, across all functions, delivering valuable control over revenue and margins. 
The powerful real time calculation engine can calculate and post accrual and payment transactions straight to your finance system. With its flexibility, complex agreements and rebates can be set up using your established business rules / criteria. Then the data is accessible in order to make informed decisions via specific role-based dashboards to meet the individual’s needs. Supplier and Customer portals extend the reach, and by providing this visibility and transparency, it reduces the risk and level of disputes. 
e-Bate is ideal for companies looking to improve compliance, as there is a full audit of every action that is carried out. 
Improved decision making 
If you are seeking a solution that improve efficiencies, improves decision making and saves you money, then e-Bate could be the solution for you and your business. The e-Bate platform reduces administrative overheads, reduced the number of disputes, provides access to real-time data, protects margins, reduces risk and boosts compliance, enhances the user customer and supplier experience and reduces errors in manual calculation and complex spreadsheets. Why not get in touch today to book a demo and see our solution in action? 
Demos available 
As a team of technologists and pricing specialists in award-winning Evolve-IT Consulting Ltd, we had built bespoke rebate solutions for seven years, across multiple sectors. We recognised that there was a gap in the market for an affordable solution, that helped decision-makers digitise their rebate process and get in control. In 2017, the calculation engine IP was transferred to e-Bate Limited and a full end-to-end SaaS solution that offers a great user experience was created. e-Bate is highly configurable and can be implemented in as little as 16 weeks. Our knowledge and expertise in rebates and pricing and our ability in translating this into a technical solution are what makes us stand out. The way we engage with and support our customers is why they choose us. 
e-Bate Limited is now looking to disrupt the rebate management software market. Are you ready to innovate your rebate process? Then get in touch today to book a demo and see how e-Bate can transform your rebate process. 

Contact Us Today 

To find out more about why e-Bate is the right rebate management software for you, contact us today. You can reach us by sending a message to enquiries@e-bate.net or by calling us on 033 022 32500. We can also be found on social media platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn. 
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